• Digital Radiography
    Vetel generation II 2015 wireless series, 16 bit images!

  • Ultrasonography
    GE LogicE ultrasound, tendon and convex probes. Ultrasonography of all musculoskeletal structures, including neck, back, and joints.

    Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein. This is an extremely strong antinflammatory and regenerative solution derived through incubation, centrifugation, and filtering the horses own blood. It concentrates plentiful growth factors and other components utilized in the healing and reconstructive process.

    Stem cells
    Bone marrow is harvested from the horses' sternum through a wide needle, and sent off to a laboratory which will culture up a large batch of stem cells for injection. You can also have stem cells 'banked' indefinitely for later use in case of injury.

  • PRP
    UPGRADED again! Platelet Rich Plasma is also derived through centrifugation and filtration of the horses own blood. We have both the Arthrex and Protec Pulsevet systems, which have enhanced filtering properties to provide PRP which is so clean it can be used in joints.

  • Arthramid
    New intra-articular joint treatment! Arthramid is a polyacrylamide hydrogel which incorporates into the synovium to provide a cushioning effect which potentially lasts for many years. This product has been used very successfully in humans and we are excited about results so far! The treatment is only available to horses within Dr. Owens' practice area who have a singd, blockable source of joint lameness. Please contact us by email for more details or to see if your horse qualifies.

  • Mesotherapy
    A very effective, minimally invasive new treatment for back pain, consisting of intradermal injections to block pain signal transmission along the back and neck.

  • Laser Therapy
    We have a class III low level laser therapy machine available for clients to rent and use in their own time for $180 per week, to assist in the healing of lacerations, soft tissue injuries and reduction of inflammation.

  • Metron Hoof Balance Analysis
    Metron digital radiology software is capable of 3-D rendering of the hoof capsule. A collaborative appointment with your farrier can help perfect your horses shoeing and highlight potential hoof balance problems before they cause lameness.

  • Dentals
    power float, macpherson gag, quiet patience!

  • Prepurchase Exams
    A combination of the British Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons American Association of Equine Practitioners standards for pre-purchase exams. Variable rates depending on the intended use of the horse - includes full ridden exam with option for work at speed for performance horses, and extensive write up.

    Preseason Exams
    Baseline heart, respiratory, and soundness.

  • Event Vetting
    Experienced event vetting through FEI level - emergency equipment including fluids, Kimzey fracture splints, and surgical kit onsite.

  • Intradermal Allergy Testing
    This is the only effective allergy test in horses, (blood/serum testing is for the most part ineffective). Additionally, you can use the results to make up a desensitization course against whatever substance the horse tests positive to.

  • Sweet Itch Vaccine
    Dr. Owens helped with clinical trials for this product in the UK about 6 years ago. It desensitizes horses to the midge saliva which causes the severe itching along the belly, mane, and tail, and reduces the signs of sweet itch by an average of 75%. Owens Equine does a bulk order from the UK to reduce the cost for her clients.

  • Nutrition Consults
    Some of the information frequently provided by Dr. Owens during nutrition consults, including the information NOT included on the bag! EG starch/simple sugar, cost per averaqe meal, and caloric content. Also, links for forage analysis, IFeed grain dispensers and small hole, slow feed haynets/bale nets for continuous slow eating.

  • Memberships
    • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
    • American Association of Equine Practitioners
    • American Veterinary Medical Association
    • International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology
    • United States Equestrian Foundation
    • Federation Equestre Internacional
    • United States Eventing Association
    • Washington State Veterinary Medical Association



  • I grew up in Issaquah and on Bainbridge Island, and my nephews are our family's fourth generation in Seattle. My family was heavily involved in Pony Club, Area VII Young Riders, and organizing events. I trained with Nancy Lowry and Jean Moyer through success at Intermediate level eventing. My top horse, Celebrity, had veterinary problems which prevented competition at Advanced before I had to leave for Brown University. Due to persistence, care, and faith, Celebrity eventually recuperated and later under his second owner Ingrid George, he competed Advanced for many years, then at the lower levels into his mid 20’s.

  • I left the Northwest to follow the family tradition of education in New England. I completed degrees at Brown University in premedical biology and postmodernist film production, and received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University 2002. I completed equine externships with John Nolan and Kent Allen in Middleburg, VA, at CCI**** events pre-Sydney Olympics, at Palm Beach Equine Clinic at Palm Beach Polo Club, and in England and Argentina under some of the top vets in those nations. After graduation, I continued to work alongside FEI vets at international level competitions in jumping, dressage, eventing, and reining.

  • Under PJ McMahon at Kings Park in England, I was the official vet for most of the polo clubs outside London and cared for the horses of Pippa Funnel, Kyra Kyrtland, and many other Olympians. I spent 8 months in Argentina buying and training gaucho cowponies for professional polo.

  • On the other side of the spectrum, I was the equine vet for a mixed practice in rural agricultural Devon. I saw hunting horses, racehorses, and native moorland ponies, and helped to introduce therapies like stem cells, sterile maggot debridement, and IRAP to the area.

  • While in Devon, I was the vet for the local Dartmoor Zoological Park before and during a dramatic rehabilitation of the animals and facility. We were filmed by BBC who aired the footage as a prime time documentary, and park owner Ben Mees’ writings about those years became a best selling book and Hollywood movie, “We Bought A Zoo".

  • Between 1998 and 2005 I took intermittent time aside from sport horses to work on global animal health. I was director of Veterinarians for Global Solutions and on the board of directors for the Tibet/Nepal NGO "Drokpa" ('Nomad') for several years, and was invited by the Pan American Health Organization to spend a month at their office in Panama.

  • I worked for the African Union, with support from the African Wildlife Foundation and Ford Foundation, on wildlife/livestock disease interaction and veterinary infrastructure for nomadic people. While in South Africa, I spent 7 months as vet for the $85 million Warner Brothers movie Racing Stripes, caring for 11 zebras, 110 racehorses, and a posse of trained pelicans, sheep, etc. The African Union has published my book on veterinary pharmaceutical distribution models for underserved remote areas.

  • Establishing myself close to my roots in the Pacific Northwest has been a long time goal, and I am excited to provide a practical, personalized veterinary service with top level technology. If I can find the time, I enjoy attending three-day events, polo, flying small planes, editing the copious film footage I've collected on my travels, and following international health and politics.